23 Dark, Creepy Google Earth Images That'll Keep You Up At Night

If you’re a travel junkie, then you have probably used Google Earth more than once.

After all, it’s pretty incredible that with a simple online service, you can see just about anywhere in the world whenever you want. You can wander along the shores of just about any country to take in gorgeous white-sand beaches or even try your luck at getting a glimpse of the Himalayas.

But sometimes, the technology can reveal some of Earth’s dark, creepy secrets. Here are 24 Google Earth images that will give you an idea of where exactly you DON’T want to travel.

1. This large pentagram was found on the southern shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir in Kazakhstan. It may not actually be that scary though. AsEmma Usmanova explained to Live Science, “It is the outline of a park made in the form of a star.” Stars were known to be popular symbols during the Soviet era and the park’s roadways make the shape more visible.

2. Check out this crimson-colored body of water found in Iraq’s Sadr City. It was first brought to the Internet’s attention back in 2007, which prompted a lot of speculation. Theories abound, the most gruesome of which states that it’s because nearby slaughterhouses dump blood in there, but an official explanation hasn’t been given.

3. These symbols found near Mesa Huerfanita, New Mexico, look like the work of aliens. But actually, it’s the work of Scientologists. The Washington Post explained, “The symbol marks a ‘return point’ so loyal staff members know where they can find the founder’s works when they travel here in the future from other places in the universe.” Alrighty then.

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